101: Photography for the Film Curious

Introduction to Film and Film cameras - correct operation, care and exposure. Color Transparency and B&W Negative film will be explored         

102: The Nature of Light

Photography = "light drawing" - Lecture and exercise course on basic light theory and practical application for general photography.  

201: B&W Darkroom & Practical Zone System

Ansel Adems said "The negative is the score, the print is the performance " .  A best practice approach for producing consistent high quality negatives and superior prints.  

202: Studio Lighting and SFX

 Advanced study of studio strobe and hot light usage. Portraiture, Still Life, glassware and other technique, along with usage of projection systems, fresnel   

Model Workshops 

Working with an experienced model is a real advantage  for a learning photographer. These fun, themed workshops are a great way to build a professional portfolio. 

Digital Lightroom and post  

Spend too much time retouching? This workflow based study will explore the interlocking worlds of Capture One, Photoshop and Several popular Filter/Preset suites. Process control for hybrid film/digital workflows, using a flatbed scanner, metadata and asset/library management   

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